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Litter’s due in 2018

We focus on breeding 1-3 high quality litters per year rather than pumping out litter after litter for the sake of the dollar. Our breeding’s are carefully planned using German & European best blood lines. So pls consider the below litters if you are looking for a quality pup with size, blocky large head type and outstanding temperament, suitable for work, show or as family guardians and loving pets.


2018 planned breeding’s

These breeding’s below represent some of the best bloodlines around. Carefully planned to produce, size, large head type with athletic bodies with super temperament’s. Suitable for show, work, or as loving guardians for the family. Reserve your pup now…


With these two massive beasts, quality pups on the way suit show, work or family guardians. Expected heavy bone super nice large heads with outstanding temperaments..

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See also CURRENT LITTERS page for what is available now.

Below pics are self-explanatory, don’t get caught buying a cheap pup, a well-bred pup is not expensive, its priceless.




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