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Choosing your Puppy

So question for you as the potential buyers, if you saw this sign would you stop to look at the pups?

I certainly hope not..

Whats a ROCKWEILER??  if they can not spell what they are breeding/selling do you really think you will get a decent pup from there?

Hell NO, put the foot to the metal and get the hack out of there..


Speaking from some 30 years of experience here are some tips that might help you and stop you from buying from backyard breeders such as the above..

Firstly you need to find a breeder you feel comfortable with and their dog’s family etc. This can be a task in its as well as all the questions/interrogation some breeders put you through.

Even though dogs are man’s best friend, it helps when you choose your friends wisely.
So firstly let me say all pups may look the same, but they are NOT.
Yes they’re all adorable, fluffy and cute so how do you decide which puppy will be best suited to you and your family and life style?

Most breeders like to choose for you as the buyer, but we at Meisterhunde Rottweilers always consult with you taking in to account your other family members what your plans are for the dog, where you live other pets etc etc. So what we are saying you as the buyer should have a good say in what you like, want and need, being guided by the breeder. If the breeder wants to choose for you wholly I would keep away as you will not get what you want in most cases.

So moving on please take heed…. the biggest is not always the best.

064 pups eat

Here we have beautiful pups, how does one choose especially if the litter is pretty even? We as the breeder will assist.

Do your research on the breed and choose the correct type of a pup. Having said that at 8 weeks it is hard to choose this is where the breeder should know the pups and be able to tell you about the pup’s temperament and so on.

Always ask to see the mother and the father if possible. The following is a guide in helping you choose the right pup for you and your family……………

• DON’T choose a puppy that runs or shy’s away, get down among the pups make noise and see reaction.

• DON’T choose a pup if you feel it looks sick or week or the breeder said it was bottle fed. There could be a very good reason why the mother rejected it.

• DON’T choose the biggest or the smallest in the litter.

• DON’T pay too much for your pup. See article on choosing a breeder on our web site.

• DON’T buy; look for clean eyes, ears, nose, backside and coat.The eyes should be bright and ears should not be dirty, red, smelly or itchy, while the coat shouldn’t have any bald or red patches.

• DON”T sign any contacts with restriction on your pup, if you pay the breeders price the pup should be yours 100%

• DON’T choose if Puppies have lumps or bumps on the body they should be plump, but not fat.

• DON’T buy from a puppy mill breeders, if you’re not sure again do your research.

• DON’T pay a high price even when the breeder says my dog is a Champion. A Champion title in front of a dog’s name does not make him/her one. Look at what the dogs is producing, stuff the showy title.

Do you want a pretty dog or a well sound healthy all around one?

DON’T buy if you feel something is not right or the breeder cannot answer your questions clearly. My motto is if in doubt, leave out.


DO your research on the breeder ask questions and lots of them……

• DO be prepared for the pup think about buying a crate puppy needs somewhere to get away from it all and feel safe. Toys, right food see our article on processed food on our web site.

• DO supervise play time particularly if you have other dogs or small children

• DO some of form of obedience it’s a must, seek out local club puppy school etc.

• DO understand a puppy is for life, not just over Xmas.

• DO check for swelling of the bellybutton – this is the sign of an umbilical hernia.

• DO give love and attention freely and you will get unconditional love back

• DO agree on whether you’re buying a show quality or pet quality pup.

• DO make sure you will get 24/7 support for you and the pup.

• DO understand your guarantee with buying a pup and ask questions about hereditary faults.

So good luck to all in choosing you pup, the Rottweiler breed is popular as ever and rightly so as they are a beautiful gracious animal. I always say once you have owned a Rottweiler you will be hooked for life. So think about how a new pup/dog is going to change your life. He or she is going to take up your time and energy with feeding, grooming, exercise, and play. Dogs are social animals and they’ll want and need to spend quality time with you. So it’s important that you and the dog are a good match.

Please feel free to e-mail me on any of the above or other matters, always happy to talk about this wonderful breed.

Written by Meisterhunde Rottweilers


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