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Never rush to purchase, quality is worth waiting for.

We have purchased many dogs in the past from so called respected Rottweiler breeders here in Australia, and have found that the Rottweiler breeders that can be trusted are few and far between, and unfortunately this exercise was very time consuming and very expensive for us.

8-512             Some of these dogs brought have ended up over shot undershot, scared/timid aggro no temperament and so on..
This bad experience has forced us to look outside Australia as well as breeding our own line.

Okay so you the buyer have decided to buy a rottweiler pup and I’m saying learn from our mistakes.

One of the worst criteria for buying a pup is when you are in a hurry or you only look around your local area. Consider the following.

Stay away from puppy mills.

These are run by irresponsible breeders who just want to make cash, and don’t care about the dogs’ health. Puppies bred in this type of environment often have genetic problems that lead to physical and emotional disorders you don’t discover right away. When you visit a breeder, take a close look at the conditions. If the dogs there look dirty, skinny or unhealthy, do not purchase a puppy there.

If the breeder isn’t knowledgeable or makes claims he can’t back up, don’t buy a puppy there. A good breeder should show you the mother of the puppies as well as paperwork certification if he or she is claiming the dogs are purebred.

  • You also don’t want to buy a dog from a small-time breeder just trying to make some cash. If the breeder doesn’t know what he or she is doing, the puppy could have long-term temperament and health problems.
  • Ask to see the breeder’s adult dogs. Housing and treatment of dogs has as much impact as heredity on the temperament of the pups. Good breeders use crates, runs and fences to control their dogs’ activities. However, they don’t “warehouse” their dogs in crates in basements, nor keep adults and puppies in kennels without human contact.
  • Dogs and pups who are left alone in a kennel, away from people, can’t bond with people become neurotic and often exhibit destructive behaviour, the worst of which may be ‘fear-biting.’
  • Look for clean, happy puppies from a clean environment. Puppies should be happy, playful and energetic..

Below are good examples of clean fresh healthy looking pups.

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Trust your instincts! If you don’t like a breeder personally, go with those instincts and walk away.

Search for a breeder you trust and like, someone you won’t feel guilty calling at an odd hour with what seems like the world’s dumbest question. Pick someone you feel comfortable with.

Likewise, don’t feel coerced into signing any agreement, there should be NO contracts. You’re buying and paying the breeders price there should be no co-ownership, puppy-back arrangements or any other strings that make you trapped. Puppy should be yours 100%

A steady supply of pups – say, a litter a month – suggests a quantity operation (puppy mill), not a quality one.

# Think twice if breeder has only 1 pup left.

# Dont buy from pet shops.

# Be careful of discounted pups.

# Be careful buying through Trading post or Gumtree, bettter still DONT.

# Don’t pay too much for your pup average price for quality is $2500 – $3000 (some exceptions)

We could go on and on about this subject, but if in doubt leave out.

To conclude think of it this way..

You are making an investment in your pup hopefully for 10 years plus so take your time choose carefully as this will lead to a happy life for you and your rotti pup.


Quality is always worth the wait. Check out our litters due page.

Have any questions? Please email us on hunde1@bigpond.com or contact us
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