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Fis is an import male with a great pedigree full of champion dogs both in the show ring and out in the field.

fiz1 Multi V FIS-102

Fantom Della Vi Noto Cobra Dell Vi Noto Mambo von der Crossener Ranch Rick von Burgthann
Evi von der Crossener Ranch
Ketty of Nicola’s Lion Noris von der Alten Festung
Herta Mar-Ub
Whitney of Nicola’s Lion Bronko old Dragicevica Gil Crni Lotos
Lola (1980) SP 77292
Herta Mar-Ub Morro vom Hause Märker
Zamba Mar-Ub
Fedra of Nicola’s Lion Deen of Nicola’s Lion Strider of Nicola’s Lion Mambo von der Crossener
Herta Mar-Ub
Wanda From Naomi’s Stars Zaphir (2003) JR711390
Lara from Naomi’s Stars
Bella of Nicola’s Lion Ex von Grutenblick Mambo von der Crossener Ranch
Toga vom Kummelsee
Inka of Nicola’s Lion Mambo of Nicola’s Lion
Wollga of Nicola’s Lion


Some of the Champions in this pedigree

bronko1  cobra1



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