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Meisterhunde Electra

What a beautiful bitch Electra is, has won or placed at every show entered thus far, awesome future awaits.

Great job Susi, owner handler.

electra & susi elect electra

Rockdalestar Balko Rockdalestar Rizo Wenno of Nicola’s Lion
Rockdalestar Mimi
Rockdalestar Zoey Granhaus Der Jigsup
Rockdalestar Bessy
Rockdalestar Divna Wenno of Nichola’s Lion Bronko Od Dragicevica
Rockdalestar Mimi Rockdalestar Kingmacedon
Rockdalestar Lady Eva


Some of the Champions in Electra’s pedigree..

balcoa diva

wenno4jan1 bronkoa



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