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Current Litters

To produce the best we breed to the best..

Our Rottweiler puppy breeding’s are high quality, we focus on breeding 1-3 high quality Rottweiler puppies, litters per year & only the very best German-Europe’s blood lines are used. Titles mean nothing, show wins mean nothing, nothing is of value unless that Rottweiler produces quality. A good quality male or female is recognised by what it produces NOT what it wins in the show ring.


Pups have strong powerful heads, athletic bodies & temperaments to match. Suit show, work or as guardians. High quality


Also check out the LITTERS DUE page for exciting litter due any day now.

The below pics are self-explanatory, don’t get caught.


Have any questions? Please email us on hunde1@bigpond.com or contact us
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