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Litter’s due for 2024



Proud registered breeder of Rottweiler pups, registered with MDBA, No 13877

We have some exciting German-European Rottweiler lines/breeding’s, litters on the way, see below. We can also offer you a payment plan where after you initial deposit, you are welcome to pay off your pup while waiting for him/her. Feel free to email us for all the information, process, cost etc at hunde1@bigpond.com

Our breeding’s are carefully planned using German & European best blood lines. Here @ Meisterhunde we endeavour to breed the total/complete quality Rottweiler puppies. Good looks, powerful, blocky heads, stable temperament, loving family guardians, with natural guarding ability a must..

REMEMBER, a well bred pup is not expensive, its priceless..

See our testimonial page to see what many other buyers say about Meisterhunde Rottweilers and why they chose us.

Below breeding’s are a repeat as the first lot of pups were awesome. To be bred late March

Big boy Meisterhunde Lex-Luther has been bred to Meisterhunde Jayda. Pups due end of June, early July


Meisterhunde Uma has been bred to big boy Meisterhunde Lex-Luther, pups due end of June early July


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See also current litters page for what maybe available now.

Below pics are self-explanatory, don’t get caught buying a cheap Rottweiler pup.

A well-bred Rottweiler pup is not expensive, its priceless.







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