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Puppy buyers & owners please note

Over exercising your pup.

I will cut to the chase. If you have 2 to 6 month old child would you walk it around the block for 30 to 60 min daily, 5km. NO, you would not, so why do it with your pup? Your pups is still very much a baby in its development stages, mentally and physically, and because of the fast growth rate, this is one way to quickly damage your pup’s joints. Pups starts limping, You go to the vets, they X-ray, ohh your pup has hip/elbow dysplasia, must be in lines, poorly bred. . But, hang on… don’t forget to tell your vet you have been walking/running that pup since the day you got him/her. Bull f…. shit. I breed from sound healthy dogs only, and hip and elbow issues I do not have in my lines. After 34 years with this breed, I know what I am doing, this is why I give out so much info on the dos and dont’s with your pup. I write articles for my web site, I post info on my FB on these subjects, Look, read, research. I DO NOT recommend any serious exercise with your pup until and after the 12-month stage. Even at 12 months, he/she is still a pup. Refer to the info given on what you can and should not do.

This is what one vet from NZ said.

No’ to repetition exercises

Probably the biggest cause of growth plate and soft tissue injury is repetitive exercise with a young puppy.  So, until they are about 18 months old, long hikes and walks are out and lots of free-play sessions are in.

Feeding wrong food.

Your pup was raised on a variety of good food, mainly a raw diet. If you cannot feed your dog the right food by following the diet sheet given to you do not get one. Moreover, simply put, I will not sell you one. You pay good money for healthy pup and again by feeding it rubbish food you will ruin your dog’s health and wellbeing, there by shortening his lifespan.

Over vaccinating

Lot of data coming from the USA on this subject, stating that by all the vaccinations pet owners are giving their pets, they we actually killing their dogs and shortening their life span. I know many swear by the vets. Me personally, I have not met an honest vet yet in 34 years of having rotties, when it comes to this subject. One needs to remember that this is how the vets make their money. My own vet recommends that the pup have four vaccinations before 14 months of age. I say, BS, my own dogs never have anything past the 6 week vaccination, all are fit, healthy and live well past 10 years of age.

The vet can simply do what is called a titre blood test to see if your pup lacks anything and if so, treat accordingly. It is a money-spinner for them.

De-sexing your dog too early

From the moment, you enter the vet’s clinic they will ask and tell you to de-sex your pup regardless of its age. Again, I say its BS, do not do it.

Research shows that dogs de-sexed too early, many will suffer by way of cancer and all sort of allergies and skin complaints. Do you own research?

Result again, a shortened life span. Pls google and research this subject if in doubt.

I am not against de-sexing, but pls wait until your dog is mature enough and all the reproductive organs are there. Suggestion is between 18 and 24 months of age. In the end, de-sexing your dog does very little.

Lots of info on our web site on these subject.

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