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Congratulations on your decision to purchase a Meisterhunde Rottweiler puppy!

We do not have a 10 pages of questions for you to fill out, NO contracts to sign, nor do we want to co-own your pup.

Pls note we do not deal in cheap pups, if that’s what you are looking for we are NOT the breeder for you, there is No such thing as a cheap or bargain puppy. We only deal in high quality at a fair price.

From us you are purchasing a top quality, well bred, well socialised, mentally and physically sound puppy from some of the world’s best lines.

We have established the following easy process to make purchasing a puppy as simple and pleasurable as possible: Read More


NOTE: Please note opinions and beliefs expressed here are solely of Meisterhunde rottweilers


Personally I’m somewhat disappointed as to what’s out there and the sorts of puppies that are bred, not to mention the HIGH prices asked for average pups.


I’m going on record here and now: If you paying $3000 to $4500 for a Rottweiler Puppy, then you are a fool. In 1986 I paid $1000 and I did that happily.


Here in Australia, we have some of the highest prices, this is fact. Is the quality better than the rest of the world? Oh hell no, not at $3500-$4500. Read more….








First and foremost we do not live OFF our dog we LIVE for them, and there is a big difference.


We are a hobby breeder doing it for the love of the breed, we work in other fields and our dogs are a part of our family that are loved and cared for with no expense spared. We do not reply on our dogs for an income.


Secondly it should be a pleasurable experience for you as the buyer and we go all out to make it such. We do not deal in cheap or discounted pups; please look elsewhere if that’s what you want, CHEAP really means in the long run a huge expense. Read More

Have any questions? Please email us on hunde1@bigpond.com or contact us
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