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Why Choose us?


First and foremost, we do not live OFF our dogs, we LIVE for them, and there is a big difference.

We are a hobby Rottweiler breeder doing it because we love this breed and are trying to add value and improve the breed in some way.

We try to breed 1-3 litters yearly, so coming to our place you will not see 10, 20 plus dogs all locked up in cages.

Our lines mainly consist of German/European blood, we work in other fields and our dogs are a part of our family that are loved and cared for with no expense spared. We do not rely on our dogs for an income.

We do not deal in cheap or discounted pups; please look elsewhere if that’s what you want, CHEAP really means in the long run a huge expense.

You should never feel uncomfortable speaking to a breeder, and you should not feel as though you are being interrogated. The conversation should be give-and-take.
First impression of the breeder is most important for you as the buyer, right? If you don’t feel comfortable or your questions are not been answered, thank them for their time and move on.

Dogs are like anything else, you get what you pay for.

We are not the most expensive or the cheapest. Too many people focus on price, location of the breeder, how fast they can get a puppy, and how big the puppy is. These are the worst criteria for picking a puppy. Quality is always worth the wait.

With us for a quality pup you will pay $3500 (unless otherwise stipulated )

cheap pup        Frank

Here we have a $1500 cheap pup on left (trading post/backyard breeder) and a $3500 show stopper on right from Meisterhunde.

I know which one I would buy everyday of the week and gladly pay more to have the quality & the peace of mind.

We get calls all the time from people who have brought cheap pups and ran in to trouble even having to put their pup down at an early age. You get what you pay for as the saying goes…

If you are looking for Quality at a fair price give us a try.


For us its about matching the right pup to the right owner.


Our goal is to have long-term happy clients/friends. We are always happy to talk and answer questions about this wonderful breed whether you purchase from us or not   

This is the sort of high quality pups you will always get from us.

Email us now to see what we can do for you. hunde1@bigpond.com

Please also see our testimonial page and meet some of our happy buyers/friends.

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