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These days Rottweiler breeders are notorious for cheapening down their breeding’s of Rottweiler puppies in an effort to conserve money and risk. Discounted Rottweiler pups are just that…discounted junk that have no value because they were poorly bred. You just need to look at Gumtree/Trading post.

Don’t get caught, cheap Rottweiler puppies means high cost on the long run..

Meisterhunde Rottweilers are 100% committed in the preserving & promoting the breed as it was meant to be, the total/complete Rottweiler.

If you want an all around Rottweiler pup, one with size, power, great head piece, with guarding ability, consider us @ Meisterhunde Rottweilers.

A well bred Rottweiler pup is not expensive, its priceless..

Below Rottweiler puppies are all sold, other pups available..

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Below here is self-explanatory, don’t get caught buying cheap Rottweiler pups..


Email us for details   hunde1@bigpond.com

Quality Rottweiler pups available, read https://meisterhunde.com/puppies/three-easy-steps-to-owning-a-meisterhunde-puppy/ to find out how you can own one.




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