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Rottweiler in trouble, Why?

Barking-Mad-logo22 A view shared by many including myself,

Rottweilers today are not what they were say 10 years ago, let me try to explain.. rotts today have NO balls, no not literally but the courage the toughness the hardness the working ability is all bar gone today.

How many can still do this work,  Schutzhund ??   (German for protection dog), Germany developed Schutzhund ( dog sport ) in the early 1900s to test whether the German Dogs exhibit the traits necessary for police-type work.Today, many breeds such as Rottweilers, German shepherds, Giant Schnauzer, Hovawort, Malinois, and Boxer to name a few, compete in Schutzhund, it is a demanding test and sport for any dog. Very few are able to pass successfully.

Schutzhund tests dogs of all breeds for the traits necessary for police-type work. Schutzhund tests allows the dogs to be eligible for police work, specific odor detection,search and rescue, and many others.

Schutzhund tests for certain traits, Some of those traits are:    

  • Strong desire to work . Courage . Intelligence . Train-ability . Strong bond to the handler 

  • Protective Instinct . Strength . Endurance . Agility . Scent. Perseverance

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Does not surprise me that most Rottweilers don’t have the courage when you look what’s been bred these days, Rottweilers today are bred to run around the ring and chase ribbons, little attention is paid to the standard and what the breed was meant to do and be, first and foremost a working breed..

Too many Rottweiler breeders are title fanatics, just because a dog has won in the ring has absolutely, positively, no bearing on it as a producer, period. Does this make him a good producer, HELL NO.

I find it absolutely ridicules to see Rottweiler breeders use a male solely because it won couple of show and they will tell you the only reason they bred to the dog is because they want that title in the pedigree… It has been happening for years in this country and I guess worldwide.
Rottweiler Breeders constantly compete with each other as to who can import the prettiest dog/s, who can bring in the most amount of semen, look what I have attitude, no wonder the breed is in trouble.

What about the show ring, if the judge knows the handler or another so called judge is showing, you can bet that’s your winner right there and the roles are reversed next time, I put you up as the winner this time and you put me up next time, I have seen this first hand. Not all judges but most do this. There is NO way that judge should be judging any Rottweiler dog/pup he or she has bred or has any association with.

Corruption and politics are ripe. Many good Rottweiler pups/dogs get passed up. Only this week I was speaking to a breeder O/S who related the same. He was saying how the show he just returned from was rigged once again.

We all need to accept most important item, our own Rottweiler bitch/bitches and the fact that her pedigree has faults; failure to admit this is pure arrogance or ignorance of what is. And if we don’t our /your program will suffer and you shall compound your faults further. Every Rottweiler bitch and every line has some form of fault/issue.

Once you know and except this fact, then you set about in correcting it by studding pedigrees and looking at what each Rottweiler stud dog has produced and how he can complement your bitch rather than using a stud dog because he happens to have won a major show and is currently all the hype.

We find today some Rottweiler breeders are concentrating on breeding pretty dogs that are soft and look pretty while running around in the show ring, but balls, working ability NON existent. What happened to the Rottweiler first and foremost being a working breed?

Some Rottweiler Breeders here and abroad have taken the very low road in breeding and are just going for dogs that people like in the “look” department just to sell pups. End result is, a poorly bred prospect that will not reproduce …contrary to popular belief amongst most breeders, its not about luck at all. If you suck at breeding, yes it is all about luck for you. If you don’t have the passion and the drive to better the Rottweiler breed and what you already have get out of breeding, go fly pigeons..

Some Rottweiler Breeders claim, ‘we breed for the betterment of the breed’ well if that’s the case where are ALL these super nice dogs why are we still importing males/females and semen, how come we are still importing rather than exporting?

Some Rottweiler breeders will sell you their crap older dogs, one example are barren bitches that are pushed from pillar to post. A breeder who cannot get his bitch in whelp will put her up for sale knowing too well she cannot be bred with and will not be able to have any pups, is that ethical or fair for the other Rottweiler breeder who buys her and tries in all honesty to have pups with her?

Please, some of these people/breeders make me sick and are hypocrites, quick to back stab and wing and bitch about others, quick to point the finger but they themselves are no better but worse. No wonder our breed is in trouble and going backwards.

Truth be told, some breeders are that far behind they actually think they are in front.

Here at Meisterhunde Rottweilers we try and are dedicated to the preservation of the Rottweiler as it was intended. Using only the finest males in the world to our chosen females in order to improve on what we already have. No, I don’t have all the answers and sure I have made mistakes, but it’s a learning process and a willingness to do things better next time.

Breeders will scream your failures but whisper your success.

We don’t care too much as to what others do and say. I’m addressing this issue as constantly we see dogs that buyers have brought only to be disappointed.

If more Rottweiler breeders bred for the breed instead of the greed the Rottweiler would not be in trouble.

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Why is our breed in trouble’ article is written and is the opinion of
John Buckley from Meisterhunde Rottweilers.
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