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Kennel News .. 

New additions to our web site you may notice, plus a fresh new look all around.

All pups are cute, but what do they look like while growing up & grown?

See some of our Meisterhunde Rottweiler pups here,  See our pups grow


We have set up a Meisterhunde Rottweiler owners group page, (exclusive only to Meisterhunde Rottweiler owners) where you will get free access. There you will see many happy pup owners, interact with them, share story’s experiences and alike.


Here @ Meisterhunder we endeavour to breed the total quality Rottweiler puppies.

Good looks, powerful, agile, stable temperament, with natural guarding ability a must. Loving family guardians, suitable for any worthwhile occasion. Look through our web site & see for yourself..


Choose if you are purchasing my e-book, making a deposit or making a full payment for your pup etc, click on the ‘make a payment’ button. Once that’s done, send us an e-mail to confirm. Easy.



Proud Registered breeder with MDBA


Litters due for 2020-2021 updated.        

We do it for the outcome, not the income.. 


Kumo & the beautiful Inka. All pups sold.

For other 2020-2021 breeding’s click here litters due

3 Steps to Owning a Puppy
meg & pup         pups eat

Congratulations on your decision to purchase a Meisterhunde Rottweiler puppy & welcome to our family.

You are purchasing a quality well bred, well socialised, mentally & physically sound puppy from some of German’s & Europe’s  best blood lines.  . . Read More

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Neutering Dogs: Yes or No?
 1 awl_desexingjuly_vp

One of the most frequent questions asked of late by our puppy people here at Meisterhunde Rottweilers is if they should or should not neuter or spay their dog, as everyone in the dog industry has an opinion about this. . . . Read More

Raw Diet Health & Care

images7 storm

We get asked quite a bit by our puppy buyers and other breeders as to what we feed our pups and older dogs as they always look a picture of health?


So allow me to share some of my views and beliefs.


Here at Meisterhunde Rottweilers we feed our dogs/pups mixture of raw meaty bones and fresh meat, and certain fruit and veg.


We strongly suggest you do the same with your puppy/dog. . . . Read More

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