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Guide/ Suggestion on what to feed your Rottweiler puppies and older Rottweilers.

We get asked quite a bit by our Rottweiler puppy buyers and other breeders as to what we feed our Rottweiler pups and older dogs, as they always look a picture of health?
So allow me to share some of my views and believes.

Here at Meisterhunde Rottweilers we feed our dogs/puppies mixture of raw meaty bones and fresh meat. I strongly suggest you do the same with your puppy/dog.



Dogs first and foremost are carnivores (raw meat eaters) so I suggest the following…..

Definition of Ingredient
Raw meaty bones can include:
Chicken wings, backs/frames necks and leg quarters.
Duck necks
Turkey necks, cut up
Pork necks, breast, pig tails and pig feet
Beef ribs, necks, tails
Lamb ribs, necks and breast
Rabbit, all parts
Canned fish with bones (Jack Mackerel, Pink Salmon, Sardines)
Muscle meat would include:
Beef heart, hamburger, lamb heart, ground lamb, chicken heart and gizzards, ground chicken, turkey heart, ground turkey, rabbit, fish (fillet), tripe, tongue, wild game, kangaroo just to mention a few.
Organ meat would include beef, lamb, chicken, turkey and pork kidney and liver.
Cottage cheese, yogurt, left over vegetables are great. Multi vitamin & mineral tablet daily. (Human form)

Seaweed good quality is an excellent supplement full of vitamins and minerals.

Puppies around 8 weeks of age will need to be fed 2 to 3 times daily.

Make sure your puppy has plenty of fresh water daily.


The BARF diet, is excellent, has all the goodness in it, all prepared, and takes the guess work, ready to dish up, available at any good pet food store. Our dogs and puppies love it.


Lastly on food
Do wolves and wild animals suffer from allergies, flea hypersensitivity, gingivitis and gum disease, anal gland blockage, sensitive bowels and food allergy, hip or elbow dysplasia, diabetes, thyroid deficiency, early onset arthritis, autoimmune diseases or the vast array of cancers that are diagnosed in dogs today ? No. WHY NOT??


Because they eat a natural raw diet, the same diet they have evolved to eat over 40 million years.


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Other helpful tips…

His/her own kennel and sleeping quarters is a must, toys will help him/her while there is no one home. Your Rottweiler puppy may go off food for a while due to separation anxiety, so be patient and don’t worry he/she will eat when hungry.

It is best that your Rottweiler puppy is a bit on the lean side rather then been over weight, due to his/her growth spurts.

Your Rottweiler puppy has had a 7 week vaccination, (been wormed every 2 weeks), and may need another vaccination at 12 weeks of age depending on your area and state you live in. We do not believe in over vaccinating and de sexing our Rottweilers.

Exposes your Rottweiler puppy to noise and people so that he/she is well adjusted to the surroundings and noises that are out there. Drives in the car are good.

If you have an older dog I would not allow your Rottweiler pup to be engaging in any rough play with older dog as he will always come off second best. Supervise their play time please.

Some form of obedience is advisable and a must as your pup will grow to be a large dog so it is best you teach him/her some basic obedience/manners.


Tips For Training A Pup The Right Way!

  • Make puppy training sessions a fun experience
  • Only use positive reinforcement (treats, praise, toys etc.)
  • Never shout at, or punish, your puppy if he isn’t successful
  • Practice one command or behavior at a time when your pup is small
  • Sessions should be short (maybe 2 – 3 minutes to begin with)
  • Practice at least 3 times a day. Build this into your daily routine, EVERY day
  • Be consistent in your methods and corrections
  • Always end a session on a positive note (with your pup being successful)
  • Never train your puppy when you’re feeling angry, upset or frustrated

– See more at: http://www.a-love-of-rottweilers.com/free-puppy-training-tips.html#sthash.7J4IX5O1.dpuf

Don’t forget to worm your pup every 2 weeks with Drontal tabs till about 4 months of age and then every 2 months thereafter. 

Please also read article on our site ‘processed food a slow poison’ written many years ago by yours truly, it really made the community worldwide stand up and take notice. Email us at  hunde1@bigpond.com



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