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Hello Hello and thanks for stopping by.
Meisterhunde Rottweilers, owned and run by John we are located in Victoria, Australia.

Meisterhunde in German means ‘Master-dog’

Meisterhunde Rottweilers is not your typical German Rottweiler Breeder, we breed for the highest quality mostly German/ European lineage and use the highest quality.

We are a high end Hobby Breeder, not a Professional Breeder that makes a living off of the breed, there is a huge difference, we are here to try to better the breed not to produce an income.

We try to breed 1-3 litters yearly, so coming to our place you will not see 10, 20 plus dogs all locked up in cages.

Our first import was from the world famous kennel Jeneck’s Rottweilers. (German Lines)
Jeneck’s Quik who was a super dog collecting several V-1 in every state under international judges


This male was and is a beast and well before his time here in Australia. Even to this day 2020, there is no male to match him.

After 35 years in the breed yes, I have made mistakes, my biggest mistake was trusting and listening to jealous breeders and so called friends. But I have learned to be true to the breed and to myself.

Meisterhunde rottweilers are committed to the breed by way of importing semen and some super young dogs to Australia from around the world in order to improve the gene pool.  Super show/working German dogs that few breeders have access to, if at all. Semen is from proven produces, dogs with shortness of back, working ability, black eye and mouth pigment, correct head type, bone and movement, and most of all working ability.

If you are a fair dink-um breeder, ask yourself a simple question ‘does my Rottweiler posses correct conformation, courage, working ability, stable temperament and the desire to please’. If you answer no to this simple question, then look at your breeding program and ask, ‘why do I breed? Is it for the mighty dollar or do I have the Rottweiler at heart. Only an experienced Rottweiler breeder can provide/breed a Rottweiler for work, show and companionship.

Let’s do it for the BREED not the GREED.

I’m not interested in hear say, backstabbing and bitching, he said she said or anything from the past. If we all stuck together and worked towards the betterment of the breed and put our differences aside, the world would be a better place to live in and our great breed would certainly benefit. These so called breeders that try to bring others down are already down the bottom.

So if you have something constructive to add or are looking to make an investment in a pup or older dog, or you have a dog for sale, contact us and I will try to help. Otherwise don’t waste your time or ours.

Good luck to all..

We live for our dogs not off them.


lmr  RHF  genuine rott

Have any questions? Please email us on hunde1@bigpond.com or contact us
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