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Male or female Rottweiler, which to buy?

Deciding which to buy, male or female Rottweiler..

What is the difference between a male or female Rottweiler?

We get asked this question regularly by prospective puppy buyers so I’m going to give my views and opinions after 35 years of experience with this Rottweiler breed.

Lots of ppl are starting to buy male Rottweilers for security reasons, thinking BIG powerful male Rottweiler is the way to go, based on size.

So to start with let’s look at the standards of a Rottweiler male and female.

Technically a medium to large breed, according to the standard the Rottweiler stands

61–69 cm (24–27 in) at the withers for males, weight 50 to 60kg, (110 and 132 lbs)

56–63 cm (22–25 in) for females, weight 35 and 48 kg (77 and 105 lbs) for females.

So I guess choosing a male or female Rottweiler is a matter of personal preference.

Things to consider,

Male Rotties are more powerful and bigger.
Female Rottweiler is smaller than males.
The male Rottweilers are more dominant and aggressive and challenging by behaviour.
 Female Rotties are more obedient while males are stubborn.
Females are just more naturally protective due to that motherly instinct.
Females are more affectionate and easy to housetrain.
Females get more attached to family. Lot easier for female owners to handle. Behaviour is typically the same. Both are full of energy, can be wild and crazy, and both have the potential for wilfulness.
However knowledge of the breed is necessary and training is a MUST to keep them from becoming overly dominant. The Rottie whether it’s male or female is powerful, calm, trainable, courageous and devoted to its owner and family. Loyal and protective, it will defend its family fiercely if needed. So again, training for either gender is a must and starts at puppy hood.

Females, to me are more even in temperament.
Male Rottweilers simply have too much interest in being alpha than actually doing what they are supposed to do.
Males will test you and test you as they grow. I even had one male who cocked his leg on me and peed on me before I knew what was happening, funny now, lol, but not at the time. In the house they will cock the leg and pee all over the house mark their territory, so again I say, train early to avoid these smelly situation, ohh yes, the wee of a male rotti stinks to high heaven, lol

For first time Rottweiler puppy buyers I always recommend you go for a female, for all the above reasons.

The reasons to own a female over a male are overwhelming. But If you are planning to own a Rottweiler be it a male or female, the truth is, that just like human children, dogs also need rules to follow that they understand. They need to be taught proper behaviour for all situations. Firm but fair is my motto.

Keep in mind a female will come in season between 9-12 months, and than 6 monthly, so during this time, keep her away males. De sex only after your female is mature enough, and if you have to, otherwise we do not recommend it. Normally best time is 18 to 24 months of age despite what the vet will tell you. (this is how they make their living)

Most important, seek out a breeder you feel comfortable with and they in turn should work with you to help you choose the best, correct pup for your needs. All breeders are happy to make a sale and sell their puppies, but ask yourself this simple question.

 Is this puppy correct for me my needs, my family, my lifestyle etc etc.

Keep in mind the puppy, dog will be with you for 10 years plus, so you see the importance of getting the right pup for YOUR needs.

Lastly on the size of a female, don’t be put off getting a female pup cause of the size, look at the type of a rotti your chosen breeder breeds as the female still should have a powerful strong head, short snout and yet still be feminine and pretty.

Below are gr8 examples of a well-bred male and female pups, both noble, powerful in head type and body. Both Meisterhunde bred.


 Kuzac                                                                    Inka                                

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