High Quality German-European Rottweiler Breeder
Meisterhunde RottweilersFamily Dogs - Protection Dogs - Sporting Dogs
Breeder/Importer of German & European’s best bloodlines.

Our females are mostly German/European blood lines with working ability. As a rottweiler breeder we only choose females that are correct large blocky heads, robust chests, and excellent in conformation with sound solid balanced nerves/temperaments. Good bitches are the foundation of a great breeding program. Show titles, blue ribbons mean nothing, its what the bitch produces that makes her great.

Puppies bred must be stable, chunky with very high confidence, good conformation, good prey and ball drive with natural protective instincts. Each Rottweiler female in our kennel was selectively picked for these traits.

Meisterhunde Inka

Meisterhunde China

Meisterhunde Eve

Meisterhunde Belladona

Meisterhunde Alex

Meisterhunde Romi

Meisterhunde Scully

Meisterhunde Amani
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